Office buildings

BMS for office buildings

In office buildings, providing an optimum work environment is besides the efficient use of resources of utmost importance. Only if the employee feels comfortable, which means the lighting conditions, room climate and the quality of the air is good, excellent work can be performed over a longer period. Not to loose sight of an optimum allocation of the available resources, there are plenty of possibilities:

Single room control

Several rooms of the building can be controlled separately. For example the heating of a room is in comfort mode only if the room is occupied. Also the rejected heat of technical devices or a higher amount of people in the room have to be considered.

Constant light control

The illumination intensity is constant through redemption or adding of artificial light depending on the share of natural light. Unnecessary artificial light and the arising costs are avoided. Too much artificial light might also effect the well-being of employees and lead to concentration disability, headache and exhaustion. Also an intelligent shading of the building considering the sun path, current weather situation and the shadow of the buildings nearby can have a positive effect.

Control as needed

Time circuit diagrams can avoid unnecessary waste of energy. In most cases it is sufficient to run in economy mode during the holiday or at night. Also conference rooms can be controlled according to the occupation of the room.

Presents detector for floors, toilets and before entry/exit

When a person steps into the determined area, the light turns on. Automatically turning off after a certain period can help to save resources. This is reasonable in rooms which are used at certain times or for short periods.

Including window contacts into the heating control

If a window is open, the heating power decreases. This can be supported by using a hysteresis. It avoids a permanent switching on and off of the heating, by not turning on the heating until a falling below a minimum value. The cycle of operation gets longer and can be used more reasonable.

Energy reporting

Even if the different measures for reduction of the energy consumptions are already realized, the analysis of the energy consumption can help to identify potentials for saving energy. By defining hierarchically organized cost center structure, the main energy consumers within the company might be detected. The evaluation of the consumption values with charts or tables over certain periods shows a longterm development.

Besides the complex requirements mentioned above, existing systems have to be integrated in the building automation system sometimes. Thereby, building automation systems with open interfaces to the common systems might help. For example information from web cams or access control systems can be integrated as well.





Alarm management


Door locking systems

KNX - BACnet - Modbus - DALI - M-Bus

Socar Star Management Building


NETx BMS Server, NETx Voyager, NETx Shutter Control
Data points: 10,000
NETx BMS Clients: 10
NETx MaRS Module: 250 measurement data points
Visualization: 10,000 elements / 95 pages
Trades: lighting, HVAC, shading, security
System integrator: AVANDSIS GROUP

The office building is located in Aliağa, Izmir/Turkey and is named Socar Star Yönetim Binasi. For building automation, various devices and protocols are used.

KNX - BACnet - Modbus - DALI - M-Bus

Novas Instalações Plural – Coimbra


NETx BMS Server
Data points: 4,995
NETx BMS Clients: 5
NETx MaRS Module: 69 measurement data points
Visualization: 5,858 elements / 73 pages
Devices: 556
Trades: lighting, HVAC, shading, blackout conrol, alarm management, moisture measurement
System integrator: Projedomus Lda.

Plural is a cooperative company that carries out the activity in the storage and distribution of medicines. It interacts upstream with the Pharmaceutical Industry and downstream with Community Pharmacies as suppliers and customers. This building is the new head office of the company located in Coimbra, and rehabilitated the old Beer Factory keeping the old facade of the building. It is made up of offices, warehouses, auditorium and refectory. With the use of a building automation software, it is possible to do all the control and management of the building in lighting, blackouts, HVAC, alarms and energy consumption, being possible to calculate consumption by each service through 69 meters and 33 cost centers.

KNX - Modbus - BACnet - DALI

Telemundi III


NETx BMS Server
Data points: 2,900
Devices: 1,050
Trades: lighting, HVAC
System integrator: Automatic Engenharia
  • Monitoring of the occupancy of DALI and conventional lighting fixtures
  • Measure and record energy consumption from digital meters
  • Integration of KNX, BACnet and Modbus

KNX - Modbus - DALI - EnOcean - DMX - Crestron



2 x NETx BMS Server
Data points: 13,376
Group addresses 27,822
Devices: 3,563
Trades: lighting, HVAC, shading, alarm management, metering, emergency lighting
System integrator: Elarkitektur

This office building offers a flexible concept that has become very attractive for tenants with demands in adjustable workplaces. The electrical installation is a corner stone in flexibility since it gives the property owner the possibility to divide the functions for lighting, shading and climate control without any physical installations needed. Due to that reason most of the push buttons are wireless to avoid cables in the walls and the temperature sensors are placed in the ceilings. There are two redundant NETx BMS Servers taking care that no information or link to the Citect SCADA is lost due to simple hardware or power problems. The BMS Server also takes care of many energy calculation tasks due to its powerful scripting possibilities.


Sky Office


NETx BMS Server, NETx Voyager, NETx Shutter Control
Data points: 35,000
Devices: 3,000
Trades: lighting, HVAC, supervision of LV cubicles, shading
System integrator: MC2 Ltd.

Sky Office is a business building in Zagreb, consisting of two towers with 22 floors and a four floor underground garage. With approximately 72,000 m2 and a height of 81 m Sky Office is Croatia´s first object of this size on which a concept of surface heating and cooling, ventilation and humidity control is applied.

The system for lighting and shutter control is KNX. The integrator used NETx BMS Server for central management, NETx Voyager for visualisation as well as NETx Shutter Control. NETx Shutter Control is system based on meteorological data, the position of the sun, time, geographical location and information about the physics of the building and its environment. NETx Shutter Control uses all this data to control shutters and blinds. A 3D model of the building and its surroundings simulates the influence of the sun on each element for every day of the year to ensure perfect shading.


GAMA Headquarters


NETx Voyager Server, NETx Voyager
Trades: lighting, HVAC, technical monitoring, energy management, access control
System integrator: Emes Elektromechanical Ind & Trd. Co Ltd

GAMA is a large concern from Turkey, specialized in industrial (e.g. power stations, pipelines, bridges) and civil (e.g. hospitals, hotels, housing complexes) projects. The building complex was built as „Green Building“ and has already won an environment award called “LEED EB GOLD“ as well as the KNX Award 2014 in the category „Energy Efficiency“.


NETx BMS Server is used for

  • OPC communication
  • HVAC control over BACnet/IP
  • Integration of the fire detection system over BACnet/IP
  • Integration of hazard and gas identification system over OPC
  • Integration CCTV over TCP


The integrator EMES Elektromechanical Ind & Trd. Co LTD. could realize remarkable savings in energy and water consumption through intelligent planning and implementation. The lighting is controlled automatically. Scene and brightness controller make sure that the lighting level is consistent. Presence and motion detectors are used for economical light on the parking space, at toilets and floors. During the night, a timer activates lighting scenes for security reasons. Visualizations are used for resolving technical problems and, if necessary, forwarding the data to mobile devices. To optimize the energy consumption, the consumption values of energy, water and gas meters are collected and analyzed. Furthermore, interfaces to CCTV, access and gate control are integrated in the building automation system. They can be controlled automatically.

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